“In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.”

― John Muir

About Stay

Situated in Dhanachauli near Mukteshwar, the 3 cottage stay overlooks the rich cascading Kumaon Valley, edged by a private pine forest, overlooking the mighty 180-degree stunning views of unending Kumaon and Nepal Himalayan ranges. Urna is the perfect getaway to enjoy trekking, village walks, meditation or KUKARO - 'simply being'.

You could be an artist seeking inspiration for your new work or corporate executive looking to get beyond the routine for a few days. You could be someone seeking self -introspection or maybe someone wishing to view the world with a different eye.

Our place shall act as a medium to take people back to their human roots. Attainment of sensitivity towards nature and a closer look at life in the mountains is what we aspire our guests to indulge in.

Technology hasn't got all the answers, and sometimes - just sometimes - what is needed is spirituality, time and some good mountain air.”

― Jane Wilson-Howarth


We at Urna wish to make our guests as comfortable as possible in minimalistic and natural settings surrounding the stay.

The low platform beds as well as the cabins in our cottages are made out of pine wood in line with our minimalistic approach.

Our cottages are designed in the shape of letter A, a letter that signifies mountains as well as the attainment of a superior intellect in relation to our mythology.

URNA Ceilings

Here the cabins are bright with wooden beamed ceilings and warm inviting interiors. Fully unwind in these cabins and wake up to a Himalayan view through its large windows, overlooking the valley with a fresh breeze on your face, to uplift all your stressful city life.


The heart of the Urna centers around the cozy lounge and dining area with panoramic views of the valley. The lounge has a small library where you can relax after a day exploring the local village or trekking the gentle hillsides.

URNA Dining

The dining is symbolic of the natural surroundings as guests are served traditional Kumaoni dishes along with other organic ingredients.

The culinary creations emphasize healthy, fresh flavors with customized personal menus and a farm-to-table focus. The pahadi style mutton curry is to die for, while sitting around the bonfire with your friends and family.

Choliya Dance

Guests here can enjoy the richness of this region with much folklore, tradition and festivity.

Visit Urna all around the year and you will have the chance to witness the different shades of mountains as well as colorful dances, dramas and to learn local songs. You might even get to be part of a traditional Kumaoni wedding.

Activities change with the season here. Every season has enough activities to keep you busy and rejuvenate once you reach here. Be it summer, monsoons or winters, this place is magical all-round the year.


This interaction between the locals and the guests could also be mutually beneficial.

Whereas the guests get to experience a new and soulful lifestyle, the villagers can no doubt seek to increase their livelihood by providing guests with beautiful organic products which they manufacture with their own hands.

U R N A Founder & Mentor