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“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”

― John Muir

The Concept

Urna is an opportunity to live beyond.

Come Live Beyond your usual hectic life, beyond your materialistic thoughts, beyond your overcrowded expectations, beyond mere existence and experience the healing nature with true living.

URNA Nestled in mountain

Nestled in mountain ranges and perched on top of a hill, Urna offers picturesque views and tranquility to every guest, away from the hustle of everyday life. There is no road ahead of us but just some village trails waiting to be explored.

One can explore the traditional Kumaoni village and their simple lifestyle on foot which takes you through unending organic seasonal fields, natural springs and mighty deodar trees.

The famous rhododendron tree, which typically is used for making burans juice (a juice enjoyed by many in the mountains of Uttarakhand ) is found in abundance here and is a delight to watch during the blooming season.


The Stay as well as the surrounding area has a distinct, untouched and pure rustic element attached to it. The cottages and the landscape are designed for people to reignite and arouse their creative energies which often become dormant while living in cities.

URNA Overview
URNA Overview
URNA Overview
URNA Overview

Our place shall act as a medium to take people back to their human roots. Attainment of sensitivity towards nature and a closer look at life in the mountains is what we aspire our guests to indulge in.

Our vision blends the idea of a soul-inspiring journey within the minimalistic yet majestic gift of nature.

Living with Locals

It is indeed our sincere wish and hope that any guest that we have the pleasure of hosting, indulges in warm and beautiful conversations with the locals living near the retreat. This idea of getting people together is what inspires us.

Getting to truly adapt and understand the lifestyle of the villagers is an experience that lingers on with people who often come from cities to villages.